The Alex and Henry Story - A Little Faith goes a long way

Little Faith Beer is a leap of faith taken hand-in-hand by two friends - Alex and Henry – a kind of synchronised dive off the 10 metre board… 

Born out of a long friendship and a mutual love of beer, food and good times,  Little Faith beers and taproom bring all these things together under one roof. It’s about the beers we brew and pour our passion into, it’s about the food we cook, it’s about an intimate, atmospheric  space to enjoy good company, and moments created by the talented artists  who grace our stage.

Alex (the brewer) began learning his craft at Beavertown Brewery in 2015 and is now brewing at The Kernel Brewery. Somewhat amazingly he arrived in beer via a stint as a detective in The Met and as cheesemonger in Borough Market. Hailing from Newcastle, Henry (the doer) has worked on many creative projects across London, including a shipping container hotel in Waterloo and his family vintage furniture business. He has driven this idea forward since first stumbling across the taproom space on Deptford’s historic Creek in 2016.  

The journey begins here with the tap room and some “gypsy-brewed” beers for a thirsty SE8 crowd in a converted 1930s warehouse. Expect more wonderfully drinkable beer, crowler takeaways, beer festivals, the odd carafe of wine, and maybe one day, with a little faith, our own brewery. 


The brand - Little Faith 

The world around us is full of cynicism, negativity and constraints. But people abound with optimism; they dream about, believe in, and go out to make a better world for themselves and those around them. This faith in humanity, and the fellowship that flows from it, is why Little Faith exists. 


Life is better when you believe in something. 


Have a little faith in yourself, your skills and passions; a little faith in those around you to appreciate what you’ve done; a little faith that there is more that connects than divides us. A little faith goes a long bloody way.

So we say to all those naysayers out there; have a Little Faith.