Changes to Little Faith Spring 2023

When Bob Dylan strummed ‘The Times They Are-A-changin’ in 1964, whilst a metaphor applicable to any era, it seems he was thinking ahead to the goings on of a craft beer establishment in Deptford 59 years in the future. What a talent.

For those that missed it, the hidden clue was there’s a lot of change happening at Little Faith in Spring 2023.

Our much loved GM Chris is moving on

February 2023 was the last month of Chris being our fantastic General Manager. He's decided to move to Leeds for what I can only understand to be a secret love of rain and sheep. To say this feels like the business losing one of its arms would be a gross understatement. He’s been a fantastic servant to the business, with a special mention for masterly managing to re-open the business not 1, not 2, but *3 bleetin times* followings the lockdowns back in 2020-21 which was no small feat.

We’ll miss him dearly and of course wish him the best with his new endeavours. If you find yourself in Leeds in need of a beer (as I often do) then you may find him behind the bar of another beer related establishment in the future (tbc).

Our new GM Jamie is starting

For Little Faith it’s pastures new and we’re delighted to welcome on board Jamie as our new GM. Jamie used to be the GM of the Job Centre (pub) and has worked in other pubs around Deptford so may already be a familiar face to you. Jamie will be starting in mid February so say hi (and go easy on him while he settles in!)

Thumka is closing, Banh is opening, George is staying

I’m sad to say that we are also closing Thumka at the end of this month. Its been a great 2 year ride running our own food business, with George at the helm, and her ever-changing menu has always been a tasty delight. I will certainly miss the veggie packora goodness and crunchy bhaji buns. But a change is as good as a rest, and we’ve decided to opt for an easier life and let someone else have a go, who as it turns out will be George wearing a new chefs hat.

George will be moving on to a new role with our Gyoza supplier the Gyoza Guys who will be opening a new Vietnamese offering from the Thumka kitchen (working title Banh!) in mid-March. I’ve had a sneak peak of the menu and my chops can’t wait. Thumka may well come back for some short term pop ups in the future, so keep an eye out on our socials. More details to follow soon.

Instagram Nonsense

We started the year with news that our instagram account is now currently being controlled by a Turkish speaking hacker who seems to think we should pay to have it back. Whilst that means 4 years of quality content (excluding the shots of me modelling some of our merch..) is currently only available to view by a select group of overseas computer nerds, we’ve decided we can live with that. You lot, our lovely patrons, know who and where we are.

Saying that in the interests of having somewhere to update you with more frequent news about Little Faith please see our new account instagram account conveniently named ‘@LittleFaithBeers’ plural. Please follow and share with your friends! Maybe it should always have been plural as we do indeed have many beers. Thanks for the prompt hackers.